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PhD theses defended in the MEM laboratory since 2016

Published on 21 November 2018

Year of defense:

2017 - 2016


Maxime Boniface
Nanoscale evolution of silicon electrodes for Li-ion batteries by low-loss STEM-EELS.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

El Hajraoui K
In situ transmission electron microscopy studies of metal-Ge nanowire solid-state reactions.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

El Kacimi A
GaN nanowires based flexible Piezoelectric transducers.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Benedikt Haas
Development of quantitative diffraction and imaging based techniques for scanning transmission electron microscopy.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Katharina Marker
Atomic structure determination by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization enhanced NMR and ab initio DFT calculations.

Aymeric Tuaz
High-resolution structural investigation of next generation infrared detectors.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]


Gilles Brenet
Multi-scale simulations of kinetics in energy materials: Solar silicon and intercalation compounds for Li-ion batteries.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Shashank Mathur
Growth and atomic structure of a novel crystalline two-dimensional material based on silicon and oxygen.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Maxime Morinière
Computational methodologies for the linear response of isolated systems.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]