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Publications de l'équipe RM en 2011

Publié le 13 novembre 2018

Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase Reaction Mechanism: A Likely Case of Abnormal CO2 Insertion to a Ni-H- Bond
Amara P, Mouesca JM, Volbeda A, Fontecilla-Camps JC
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (2011) 1868-1878

1,2-Dihydrotriazinyl-N-oxy Free Radicals
Brough P, Gambarelli S, Jacquot JF, Grand A, Pecaut J, Rey P
Chemistry-a European Journal 17 (2011) 11250-11257

Heteronuclear proton assisted recoupling
De Paepe G, Lewandowski JR, Loquet A, Eddy M, Megy S, Bockmann A, Griffin RG
Journal of Chemical Physics 134 (2011) 095101

Preparation and characterization of highly stable lipid nanoparticles with amorphous core of tuneable viscosity
Delmas T, Couffin AC, Bayle PA, de Crecy F, Neumann E, Vinet F, Bardet M, Bibette J, Texier I
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 360 (2011) 471-481

Massive production of butanediol during plant infection by phytopathogenic bacteria of the genera Dickeya and Pectobacterium
Effantin G, Rivasseau C, Gromova M, Bligny R, Hugouvieux-Cotte-Pattat N
Molecular Microbiology 82 (2011) 988-997

A Triple Spin-Labeling Strategy Coupled with DEER Analysis to Detect DNA Modifications and Enzymatic Repair
Flaender M, Sicoli G, Aci-Seche S, Reignier T, Maurel V, Saint-Pierre C, Boulard Y, Gambarelli S, Gasparutto D
ChemBioChem 12 (2011) 2560-2563

Ferromagnetic spins interaction in alternating branched polyarylamines
Gosk J, Maurel V, Gambarelli S, Djurado D, Szymczak R, Twardowski A, Kulszewicz-Bajer I
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (2011) 074911

Structure and magnetism of Ge3Mn5 clusters
Jain A, Jamet M, Barski A, Devillers T, Yu IS, Porret C, Bayle-Guillemaud P, Favre-Nicolin V, Gambarelli S, Maurel V, Desfonds G, Jacquot JF, Tardif S
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (2011) 013911

Observing C-13-C-13 connectivities at high magnetic fields and very high spinning frequencies
Lafon O, Trebosc J, Hu BW, De Paepe G, Amoureux JP
Chemical Communications 47 (2011) 6930-6932

Analysis of the Singlet-Triplet Splitting Computed by the Density Functional Theory-Broken-Symmetry Method: Is It an Exchange Coupling Constant?
Onofrio N, Mouesca JM
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (2011) 5577-5586

Modulation of self-assembly and magnetism of Cu(II) grids in solution
Parizel N, Ramirez J, Burg C, Choua S, Bernard M, Gambarelli S, Maurel V, Brelot L, Lehn JM, Turek P, Stadler AM
Chemical Communications 47 (2011) 10951-10953