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Michel Bardet

Publié le 8 février 2021


Senior scientist

Research Interests

• Developments and applications of NMR in liquid and solid phases.
• Organic and inorganic materials for batteries and fuel cells.
• Pyrolyzed and torrefied biomass for energy production.
• Biomass products and their derivatives.
• Porous silica materials as low-k dielectrics for electronic devices.
• Synthetic and natural polymers.
• Archaeological organic materials (wood, leather, bones).
• Developments and applications of PFG NMR.
• Size measurements of OB in plant seeds (lipidic reserves) using PFG NMR.
• Localized spectroscopy and study of complex fluids (cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations).
• DNP and low temperature NMR.
• Renewable energy and energy transition..


• 1987 - Doctor es Sciences in Physics, Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble I, France) HDR
• 1982, June - Master of Sciences in Vegetable Biology, Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden)
• 1982, September - Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (DEA) Plant Biology and Physiology, Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France).


• 1982-1986: PhD at CEA Grenoble.
• 1986-87: Research Scientist, NMR, Joseph Fourier University.
• 1987-91: CEA-DAM, head of the NMR and EPR laboratory (Applied researches in polymers and explosives) at Paris (CEV) and then in Tours (CER).
• 1991-present CEA-DRF: Researcher at CEA-Grenoble
• 1992-2008: Head of the Grenoble Magnetic Center (CNRS-CEA-UNIVERSITY joint NMR facility).
• 2004- 2016: Deputy Head of Biological and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.
• 2016-2018: Deputy Head of Modeling and Exploration of Materials Laboratory
• 2017-2018: Academic Guest at EPFL (CH) in Emsley's NMR Laboratory (EU Grant)
• 2004- 2020: Head of the Magnetic Resonance team

Scientific Publications

Complete list



• Since 2005: “Applications of high-resolution solid-state NMR to study organic material” Master M2 Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PTA) Univ Grenoble-Alpes.
• 2001-2017 CESIRE laboratory training in solid state NMR for students from the Physics Department.