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Projects and research themes

Published on 18 October 2022
Development of EDX Chemical Analysis in SEM and TEM
The IZAC project
The DOMINO project
The NANO3D project

Magnetic imaging at the nanoscale
Domain walls for RaceTrack memories
Magnetic Random Access Memories
Skyrmions structures
Stroboscopic TEM for Magnetic imaging

Atomic scale (S)TEM analysis for low-dimensional materials and interfaces
Structural analysis of graphene
Epitaxilly grown TMDs and their VdW heterstructures
Chemical analysis of atomically thin layers
Atomic scale electric field mapping by CoM
Interface analysis

Electron Diffraction maps (eDM) for field mapping
eDM for strain measurement
eDM for electric and magnetic fields with nanometer spatial resolution
eDM for atomic structure determination

Chemical and structural characterization of battery materials

Volume electron microscopy and chemical imaging in cell biology
(cryo-) FIB-SEM nanotomography
Chemical imaging with EDX, EELS or TOF-SIMS spectroscopy