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Francesca Mastropietro

Coherent X-ray imaging of single nanowires

Published on 4 October 2011
Thesis presented October 04, 2011

The coherent diffraction imaging technique (CDI) in Bragg condition can be used to study strain in single nanowires. This is possible due to the recent development of dedicated focusing optics, e.g. Fresnel Zone Plate (FZP), offering the possibility of focusing x-ray beams to sub-micron sizes while preserving a coherent beam. This technique allows to reconstruct (using phase retrieval algorithms) the studied nanostructure as a complex-valued density map, where the amplitude corresponds to the electronic density and the phase to the displacement of the atoms with respect to a perfect crystalline lattice projected onto the scattering vector. The application of CDI to image the strain into heterogeneous (GaAs nanowire with an insertion of 1 monolayer of quantum dots and InSb nanowire with and insertion of InP) and homogeneous highly stressed nano-structures (strained Silicon-on-Insulator lines) has been studied in this work. When using focused X-ray beams, both the amplitude and of the incoming wavefield must be known for a quantitative reconstruction. CDI has been used to reconstruct the coherent wavefield used during experiments and the effects of this illumination function for the imaging of strained nanowires have been also studied.

Coherent diffraction, Single nanowire, Strain

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